HP01.02,luxury decor swimming pool gold foil glass mosaic tiles similar 24K real gold color glass mosaic tiles

Model: HP01.02


Product Name: Gold Leaf Mosaic Tile.

Material: Glass mosaic.


Sheet Size: 327*327*4mm

Available Chip Sizes: 10*10*4mm, 15*15*4mm, 20*20*4mm

Gold Foil Glass Mosaic Product Features:

1. Alkali resistant, Acid-resisting, Oxidation-resisting, Water-proof, Never-fading;

2. The visual effect is highly close to real gold, but the price is much lower.

3. Most importantly, it can be used with normal cement or plaster!

4. Application: Wall, ceiling, bathroom, swimming pool, living room, backsplash, hotel, villa, etc.

5. Packaging Details:EPE + Carton + Wood Pallet.

gold mosaic tile (2)

gold mosaic tile (3)

gold mosaic tile (4)

gold mosaic tile (2)

gold mosaic tile

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