Glass Mix Stone Mosaic Tile,JTC-1302

Model: JTC-1302


Product Name: Glass Mix Stone Mosaic Tile.

Material: Glass + Stone Mosaic.

Sheet Size: 327*327*4mm

Available Chip Sizes: 15*15*8mm

Product Features:

1. Alkali-resisting, Acid-resisting, Oxidation-resisting, Water-proof, Never-fading;

2. Our gold foil mosaic ,the visual effect is highly close to real gold, but the price is much lower.

3. Most importantly, it can be used with normal cement or plaster!

4. Application: Wall, ceiling, bathroom, swimming pool, living room, backsplash, hotel, villa, etc.

5. Other language description:glass mix stone mosaic tile,Glas mix Stein Mosaik-Fliesen,verre mélange

carreaux en pierre de la mosaïque,стекло смесь каменная мозаика плитка,مزيج من الزجاج بلاط الموزاييك الحجر,

Cam karışımıtaş mozaik çini,mix de vidro telha de pedra mosaico,유리 믹스 돌 모자이크 타일,ガラスミック


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