How to Customize Mosaic Patterns?

On the pages of some mosaic patterns, you can see that we list 3 kinds of chip sizes. Different chip sizes have

different effects. As an example, the picture below shows the difference:

how to make a tile mural

For other mosaic patterns, we just list one kind of chip size: 10*10*4mm. That means those mosaic patterns

can be produced only in this chip size.

Different from mono-color mosaic tiles and mixed mosaic tiles, mosaic patterns need to be made according to

the wall sizes, so that the patterns can be continuous.

Then how to customize mosaic patterns?  The picture below shows how the customization is done.

how to make mosaic mural

For those who want to purchase our mosaic patterns for big projects or as stock, please contact us. We have a

special way to make it easy to order such special mosaic tiles withouting knowing the wall sizes.

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